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Flow Products

Rotameters - Variable Area Flow Meters

Rotameters, also known as variable area flow meter  can be used to measure gases, liquids and steam. Where only a local display is required they are often the most cost effective choice. These industrial strength units are made to withstand the chemicals and pressure and temperatures found in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry.

We are an authorized distributor for the ABB line of rotameters which was previously the Fischer & Porter line of flow meters

solenoid metering pump

Valcor Metering Pumps are ideal for small addition of chemicals, inks and other fluids

Valcor solenoid pumps in stainless steel  and high purity materials can accurately dispense small quantities of liquids

Complete Your Flow Loop

Robertshaw pneumatic control valves can provide economical control of air, water and steam.

Solenoid Valves for ON/OFF Control

Valcor's line of solenoid valves meet a wide range of uses, including cryogenic and high purity applications


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