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ABB Glass Tube Purge Meters

Global Purgemaster Series 10A6100

10A6131 Purgemaster with 3" meter tube

10A6132 Purgemaster with 5" meter tube

10A6133 Purgemaster with 10" meter tube

10A6134 Purgemaster with 1-1/2" meter tube

Bailey Fischer & Porter glass tube and low flow meters can often be replaced by the current ABB purge and low flow meters. We can help to cross over from the older meters to the current ones. For a list of the older Bailey Fischer & Porter please see Bailey Fischer & Porter Meters.

Purge Meter

Glass Tube Purge
Meter with Valve

3 inch glass tube purge meter with inlet valve

3 inch purge meter with valve

Differential Pressure Controller

Purge meter with constant differential controller to keep a constant flow

Purge meter with DP controller for constant flow

Glass Tube Purge Meter
Kynar End Connettions

Purge meter with Kynar end connections

ABB 10A613 Glass Tube Purge Meters

image of glass tube purge meter with inlet valve Glass tube purgemeter (Sizes 1, 3, 5, 10") with ¼" NPT connections, Snap-in tube and protective shield, ball check valve, needle valve at inlet or outlet. Optional alarms & constant flow regulator. Used for low flow measurements, purging, level measurements and fluid sampling systems.

The Series 10A6100 is Ideal for many low flow rate applications, such as purging control lines and instrument enclosures. as well as fluid sampling, liquid specific gravity, level measurements and other low flow applications.

The simple snap-in tube construction minimizes downtime for cleaning & replacement and the internal check valve restricts backflow when the tube is removed.

Optional one or two bi-stable alarms for contact  closure (or opening) on rising or falling flow

10A6131 3" 200-250 150-250 ±10% ±4% 4.6-2400 0.73-38 380-70000 0.8-148
10A6132 5" 200-250 150-250 ±2% ±1% 0.52-2400 .001-38 47-75520 0.1-160
10A6133 10" 200-250 150-250 ±2% ±1% 6-2400 0.1-38 365-75520 0.77-160
10A6134 1½" 200-250 150-250 ±10% ±4% 0.8-2200 0.8-38 65-70000 0.14-148

10A613 with Differential Pressure Regulator

image of glass tube purge meter with differential pressure controller The Constant Differential Pressure Regulator maintains a constant flow with varying line pressures. It is available in stainless steel and viton with buna-n as an option.

By keeping a constant differential pressure across a valve the flow rate remains constant even if the pressure varies

Used with bubbler systems for measuring level

External Module for Relay Alarms

External Alarm Contacts Card for ABB Fischer & Porter Armored Flow Meters
Supply Voltage:
120V ac ±15%, 45-65 Hz
Contact Rating:
Max. 250V; Max. 2A
Sensor Switch Cable:
Standard - 6.5 feet
Optional - up to 980 feet
Safety Classification:
The sensor(s) is intrinsically safe for Class I, Div. 1, Group A, B, C & D and Class II, Div. 1, Group E, F & G when connected with control amplifier mounted in non-hazardous location.
1 SPDT 115 VAC KFA5-SR2-Ex1.W P/N163A012U01
1 SPDT 220 VAC KFA6-SR2-Ex1.W P/N 163A012U05
1 DPDT 115 VAC KFA5-SR2-Ex1. W. LB P/N 163A012U03
1 DPDT 220 VAC KFA6-SR2-Ex1. W. LB P/N 163A012U04
2 SPDT 115 VAC KFA5-SR2-Ex2.W P/N 163A012U02
2 SPDT 220 VAC KFA6-SR2-Ex2.W P/N 163A012U06
1 SPDT 24 VDC KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W P/N D163A011U03
2 SPDT 24 VDC KFD2-SR2-Ex2.W P/N D163A011U06
1 DPDT 24 VDC KFD2-SR2-Ex1.W.LB P/N 163A012U07