Crossover to ABB meters

Flow meters previously, manufactured under various names can often be replace by ABB Products. Buck Sales is an authorized distributor of products for ABB which includes: ABB Flow Meters, ABB Fischer & Porter Rotameters, and Valve Automation Products from Sensycon, Hartmann Braun, and Bailey.

Please note that at the end of April 2012, Siemens (formerly Wallace and Tiernan) discontinued manufacturing the rotameter product line under the Wallace and Tiernan name and then in July 2012 a group of former Wallace and Tiernan employees acquired the rights to manufacture these items from Siemens under the name UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc.
We were an Authorized Siemens distributor for these items. Currently, we can obtain the requested items from our stock or another distributor who is an authorized representative UGSI Chemical Feed, Inc. Items may be labeled Wallace & Tiernan (made by Wallace Tiernan, US Filter, Siemens) or USGI

Glass-Tube Purge Meters (Rotameters)

glass tube purge meters

3" and 1-1/2 inch SS purge meters

replacement for purge meters Possible Replacement

Close match, distance between connection is slightly different
The ABB 5 and 10 inch meters gives
2% accuracy

Model 70-74
Kynar Frame Purge Meter

kynar frame purge meter

No direct replacement for Kynar Frame, closest is stainless steel frame with kynar wetted parts

replacement for kynar frame purge meters Possible Replacement

Armored Purge Meter (Rotameter)

armored purge meters

down arrow Possible Replacement

Armored purge meter with 1/4" horizontal connections

Glass Tube Rotameters

down arrow Possible Replacement

Very close match to existing meters,
some change in piping may be needed
PVC end fittings, TFE or PVC coated floats are available

Metal-Tube Rotameters

down arrow Possible Replacement

Height is approx. 10"
TFE lined and Jacked Meters are available

Direct-View Rotameters

direct view flowmeters

down arrow Possible Replacement

Ratosight Bronze Frame with Glass Tube and multiple flow configurations or standard glass tube rotameters

Armored Flow Meter

Armored flow meter

down arrow Possible Replacement

Close match may have to adjust piping

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -