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ABB Linear Piston Actuators

LP linear piston actuators are typically used to control the position of airflow regulating dampers, butterfly valves, and other similar process regulating devices on furnaces, boilers and air distribution systems. They are most often used on wind box dampers in NOx reduction control systems. When directly connected to a lever on the damper shaft, these actuators provide accurate positioning control at minimum.

“Simple Cylinder” type Linear pneumatic piston actuators are supplied with either type AV conventional or type TZID-C intelligent positioners mounted on the cylinder. Cylinders are supplied with a threaded clevis on the rod end. Base mounting pivots can be ordered as an accuracy. A protective boot is optional. The cylinders can be supplied with either Buna-N nitrile rubber seals suitable for 200ºF operation or Viton seals suitable for 300ºF operation. The Buna-N seals have a lower breakaway pressure, offering smoother modulating control. The 4 to 20 ma. input AV and the TZID-C positioner are also available in an Explosion-proof variation. 4 to 20 ma analog feedback and travel switches as well a manual bypass are also available

4 x 4 Cylinder with AV1 Positioner
4 x 4 Cylinder with AV1 Positioner
2.5 x 5 Cylinder with TZID-C Positioner
2.5 x 5 Cylinder with TZID-C Positioner

TZID-C Digital Features and Benefits

  • Microprocessor-based with Highest operating accuracy
  • Local keypad, two line LCD and position indicator
  • Easy local configuration operation
  • Digital communication via HART, Foundation Fieldbus, and Profibus
  • Remote configuration and monitoring
  • Configurable operating parameters
  • Easy set-up of direct/reverse action, limit stops, etc.
  • Integrated position feedback
  • Analog and / or digital feedback without additional external devices to calibrate and maintain
  • Diagnostics and self-monitoring capabilities
  • Easy trouble-shooting and preventive maintenance
  • Immunity to shock and vibration - Installation in high vibration areas

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