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Pneumatic positioner type AV1

The AV1 pneumatic positioner accepts linear or non-linear pneumatic input signal ranges to provide sensitive, accurate
positioning of a pneumatic final control element.
A feedback cam in the positioner establishes the actual position of the final control element and can be characterized to provide
a square root, square or linear relationship to the input signal.
Split range signal – can be field calibrated for 100 % stroke for 50 % signal span or 50 % stroke for 100 % signal span.
The optional manifold / gage block provides gage ports – one for instrument (internal input signal) and two for positioner output.
A supply gage can be installed in the supply line (piping by customer).
When converting a 3 to 15 psig positioner to a 3 to 27 input positioner, or vice versa, both the diaphragm assembly kit and the
appropriate diaphragm cover are required.
Refer to Note 4 for AV1 application details.

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