ABB AV1 and AV27 Pneumatic Valve Positioners

The ABB AV1 pneumatic valve positioner accepts a 3-15 psi or 3-27 psi pneumatic input and since it doesn't need electricity can be used in an hazardous area.

The basic unit can be provided with a gage block or a manifold (which also has connections for the gauges. A number of different drive shafts are available to match with different actuators..

For a 4-20 ma input please see the other models in the AV Series or the ABB Intelligent positioners, the TZIDC Series.

AV1 Posiitoner

AV1 no gauge block, no manifold

AV1 with Gauge Block
AV! positioner with gauge block

Basic AV1 with gauge block, no manifold

AV1 Internals
av1 internals

AV1 Internals

AV1 Specificaltions
AV1 with Manifold
ABB AV1 Positioner with manifold

AV1 with Manifold

AV1 with Manifold
AV1 Positioner with Manifold
AV1 with Manifold side view

AV Series of Positioners

The AV series of positioners offers a number of cam operated units with different inputs to meet various needs

AV series of positioners
  • High throughput capacity - up to 27scfm at 80psi air supply eliminates the need of boosters
  • Characterizable output - large position cam contains field selectable linear, square & square root relationships
  • High temperature solutions - the AV1 with high temperature option is suitable for 250deg F (121deg C)
  • Accurate calibration - independent zero & span adjustment eliminates interaction and provide fast, accurate calibration.
  • Rugged compact all metal design provides long life service
  • Performance pilot valve option provides fast action to small set point changes
  • Suitable for single acting or double acting applications
  • Simplified design with field serviceable or replaceable components
  • High supply pressure of up to 150psig
  • Simplified Reverse operation
  • Simplified Calibration - Independent Zero and Span Adjustment
  • Elevated zero or Suppressed range - Up to 50% of zero or span possible

AV27 Electro - Pneumatic FM/CSA CL 1 DIV 1

AV27 Electro-pneumatic positioner for hazardous areas
  • Standard AV1 with Explosion Proof I/P directly mounted
  • FM/CSA Approvals
  • Explosion-Proof for Class I  Division 1 - Groups B, C, & D
  •  Dust-Ignition Proof for Class II  Division I - Groups E, F
  • G Suitable for Class III, Division I
  • Intrinsically Safe for Class I, II, III Division 1 - Groups A, B, C,D, E, F, G When Used with an Approved Intrinsic Safety Barrier
  • Non-Incendive for Class I, II, III, Division II Groups A, B, C, D, E, F, G

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -