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U-tube Abb Variable Area Flow meters

ABB Variable Area Flowmeters

Selection Guide

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Types of Variable Area Flowmeters (Rotameters) 


Glass Tube Purge Meters

10A6130 Glass Tube Purge and Low Flow Meters

Link to ABB Purge Meters An ideal choice for low flow rate applications, such as purging control lines and instrument enclosures. The PURGEMASTER is excellent for fluid sampling, liquid specific gravity, level measurements and many other low flow applications of liquids and gases.

Used for low flow measurements, purging, level measurements and fluid sampling systems.

The 10A6130  Glass tube purgemeter (Lengths   1 ½, 3, 5, 10") with ¼ " NPT connections features snap-in tube and protective shield, ball check valve, needle valve at inlet or outlet.

Optional alarms & constant flow regulator are available  Used for low flow measurements, purging, level measurements and fluid sampling systems.

10A4500 Glass Tube Flow Meters

Link to ABB Glass Tube Rotameters Used for measuring a wide variety of liquids and gases in most industrial and municipal facilities. Monitors natural gas flows into ovens and furnaces, cooling fluids to protect equipment, sampling systems in laboratories and flow rates into and out of large tanks.

The 10A4500   Glass tube rotameter (Sizes ½, ¾, 1, 1½, 2") is available with NPT or flanged connections, features snap-in tube and protective shield

Optional alarms are available

10A2235 Glass tube rotameter - RATOSIGHT

Link to ABB RATOSIGHT Flowmeter Used for automatic shut-down of heavy equipment when bearing lubricant flow becomes too low, shut-down of electrical equipment when cooling water flow falls below a preset limit, or the actuation of auxiliary equipment such as pump motor starters or solenoid valves.

The 10A2235 Glass tube rotameter - RATOSIGHT (Sizes 1/4, 3/4, 1, 2") comes with NPT threads and unique piping arrangements, hollow bronze body.

Optional alarms

10A3200 Armored purgemeter

ABB Fischer & Porter armored purge meters Suitable for most low flow, high pressure and corrosive applications in municipal and industrial settings. Used for gas analyzer systems, various sampling systems, and situations where glass tubes are not appropriate for safety reasons.  Used for variety of low flow, high pressure applications, gas analyzers and sampling systems.

The 10A3200 Armored purgemeter (Sizes ¼, ⅜, ½, 1") comes with NPT threads Integral needle valve option on ¼ size.

Optional alarms and 4-20 ma transmitter.

Armored Purge Meters

FAM54 Flanged Armored Rotameter

Link to ABB Flanged Armored Flow Meters

Used for measuring aggressive, opaque, non-conductive fluids typically in chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical industries in high pressure applications

The FAM54 Armored rotameter (Sizes ½, 1, 2, 3,4") with flanged connections. It can be ordered with optional alarms, transmitter, configurable digital display, totalized pulse output and HART communications.

Available as a metal tube meter, a PTFE lined meter or a heat traced meter for temperature sensitive fluids.

Flanged Armored Meter