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Typical Industrial Applications

page 4

Engineering Data

page 5

Pressure Snubbers with Bite-Type Connections

page 6

Industrial Type Snubbers

page 7

Flareless & Gasket Seal Tubing Snubbers

page 8

Special Purposes

page 9

Aircraft Pressure Snubbers

page 10

Aircraft Pressure Snubbers Continued

page 11

Refrigeration, Automotive and Other Applications

page 12

Pressure Snubbers with Tubing Connections

page 13

Flow Restrictors (Bleed Valves)

page 14

Restrictor Flow Curves

page 15

Excess Flow Check Snubber

page 16

Excess Flow Check Snubber Continued

page 17

Pressure Limiting Valve-Snubber

page 18

Pressure Limiting Valve

page 19

Pressure Limiting Valve Continued

page 20

Excess-Flow Check Valve

page 21

Excess-Flow Check Valve Shut Off Rates & Operating Pressures

page 22

Float-Check Valve

page 23

Diaphragm Seals

page 24

TEPtape Thread Sealant


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