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Current to Pneumatic [I/P] Converters
Pneumatic to Current [P/I] Converters
Valve Positioners

Valve Automation
HART Transmitters

10A6130 Glass Tube Purge and Low Flow Meters FS4000-ST4 Swirl Flow Meter
10A4500 Glass Tube Rotameter FV4000-VT4 Vortex Flow Meter
10A4600 Glass Tube Rotameters with PVC Flanges FDP500 Averaging Pitot Tube
10A2235 Glass tube rotameter - RATOSIGHT FDP500 Orifice Flow Meter
10A3200 Armored purgemeter FPD510 Integral Orifice Meter
FAM54 Flanged Armored Rotameter  FDP570 Wedge Flowmeter


Pressure Snubbers
Pressure Limiting Valves
Flow Limiting Valves
Pulsation Dampening on Gauges
Gauge Protection
Digital Temperature Gauges
Microprocessor RTD Transmitters and Probes
Pressure Controllers and Calibrators
Precision Digital Indicators
Precision Barometers
Industrial Dead Weight Testers
Pressure Pumps and Boosters
Hand Held Pressure Calibrators
Current, Voltage and Resistance Calibrators
Dry Well Calibrators
Temperature Calibration Baths
Temperature Calibration Technology

Precision Digital

Process Meters
Loop Powered Meters
Temperature Meters
Other Digital Meters
Panel Fabrication, Local instrumentation,
Panel Instruments


Industrial Thermocouples. RTDs and Accessories Electronic Temperature Measurement 
and Control

Capacitance Level
Control Valves
Self Actuated Temperature Regulators
Pressure Regulators
Pneumatic Control Components

Pump Control, Alarms, Continuous Level, On/Off Switches: Pumps, Turbines
Self Actuated: No Electricity or Air Needed

Trend Instruments

Bimetal Thermometers
Transmitting Thermometers
Gas-Actuated Thermometers
Vapor-Actuated Thermometers
Industrial Glass Thermometers
Solar-Powered Thermometers

Dual Bimetal and TC/RTD Thermometers


Multi-Purpose Solenoid Valves
PTFE Solenoid Valves
Cryogenic Solenoid Valves
"Dri-Solenoid" Valves
Inert, Instrument-Class Valves
Solenoid Operated Metering Pumps
Dri-Solenoid Metering Pumps

OEM Solenoid Valves: High Purity, Cryogenic, Self Cleaning, Accurate Product Additions

Valtorc Valves and Actuators - All American Made Valves: Ball, Butterfly, Check and Needle, Control, Earthquake, Fusible Link, Gate, Globe, Industrial, Knife Gate, Plug, PVC, Sanitary, Solenoid, V-Ball, Accessories.

Valve Actuation: Actuated Valves Packages, Electric, Pneumatic, Accessories

American Made Valves and Actuators

Most of Valtorc valves are manufactured in the United States of America.  All of our valves and products are tested in our Georgia, USA based location before shipment.  Don't settle for cheap products - buy American quality products

High Precison Gauges
Pneumatic  Calibrators
Tronic Pressure Transmitters


Pressure & Temperature Measurement

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