How to Identify and Select Trend & WIKA Bimetal Thermometers

Wika manufactures both Wika  and Trend labeled  line of thermometers as well as a complete selection of accessories.

This page covers both the Process and the Industrial Bimetal Thermometers. REQUEST QUOTE

How to Identify Trend & WIKA BimetalThermometers

Example of Model Code   30 060 A 0 01 G 4 XX
30 - Basic Model Code, 3" back connected, resettable
060 - Stem Length, 6 Inches
A - Logo, Trend
0 - Scale Type, Dual Scale
01 - Range 50/500 °F & 10/260 °C
G - Crystal, glass
4 - Process Connection ½" NPT
XX - Option Code(s)

Basic Model

Measure the diameter of the Dial in inches, Also note if there is a screw or "bolt head" in the back. This determines if it can be adjusted or "resettable". Also note the mounting of the stem. the choices are: back, bottom and adjustable angle. You may also find some with left or right hand mounting, but these are less common. Select the Model from the following Table.
General Specifications

Back Connected

Example of Back Connected Thermometer

Bottom Connected

Example of Bottom Connected Thermometer

Adjustable Angle

Example of Adjustable Thermometer
Model Dial Size Connection Resettable
20 2" Back No
30 3" Back Yes
31 3" Bottom Yes
32 3" Adjustable Yes
33 3" Back No
34 3" Bottom No
50 5" Back Yes
51 5" Bottom Yes
52 5" Adjustable Yes
53 5" Back No
54 5" Bottom No

Stem Length

Measure the stem from the top of the threaded connection to the end of the stem. The standard lengths in inches are: 2.5, 4, 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 30, 36, 42, 48, 54, 60, 66, 72. The length is specified as XXX; 2.5" = 025; 72" = 720


There are three types of scales  for the dial: Dual Scale, Fahrenheit only and Celsius (Centigrade). The Dual scale is most common but some consider it confusing and prefer the single scale. Use "0" for Dual, "1" for Celsius and "2" for Fahrenheit


Select the two digit range code from the table on the right. Click on the table to see a larger version

link to ranges


Also know as the window or crystal. The standard is glass. Although tough it can break and leave fragments. Shatterproof glass may break but will not shatter into fragments. Acrylic and Lexan® are plastic lens and may replace the glass. Chemical fumes may fog the acrylic or Lexan®
A - Acrylic
L - Lexan ® (only on 2" & 3" dial)
S - Shatterproof Glass
G- Glass

Process Connection

By far the most common connection is 1/2" NPT. This connection has a diameter of approx 27/32 (0.840) inches. Other connections are: Plain (None), 1/8" NPT, 1/4" NPT, 3/8" NPT, G 1/2 B or a Union connection.
Click here to see dimensions for pipes
0 - Plain
1 - 1/8" NPT
2 - 1/4" NPT
3 - 3/8" NPT
4 - 1/2" NPT
5 - G 1/2B
7 - Union Connection


Silicon Fill is normally used where there is severe mechanical vibration. The silicon dampens and lubricates the internal mechanism, reducing oscillation and premature wear. Max Temp: 50/500 °F. Only available on Models: 30, 31,32,50,51,52

Sharp Tip:
sharp tip The tip of the stem is normally round to flat. The sharp tip makes it easier to pierce things

MM - Min/Max Pointer
Min-Max pointer This is a manual indicator that is moved by the temperature indicator and shows the max. or min temperature reached. It is reset manually. Only available on Models 30 and 50

Connection Location
connection options for bottom connected thermometers Bottom connected thermometers can be ordered with the connection oriented to the left (LS), right (RS) or the top (TS)

Heavy Duty heavy duty stem and sharp point If the thermometer is going to be inserted into compost, meat, etc.  then a heavy duty stem is recommended. Option HD provides a 3/8" heavy duty stem with 2-1/2" x 1/4" OD sensitive tip, the HA option provide for a 3/8" heavy duty stem for the entire length and the HS option provides a 3/8" stem, reduced tip with a sharp point.

EZ-Insertion Handle
optional handle for inserting thermometer into piles picture of EZ-handle The thermometer is shown with the optional EZ-Insertion Handle.
This is recommended where the thermometer is inserted compost, meat etc. It saves using the dial as the handle P/N TA600-0163

316 Stainless Steel The case and stem is made of 304 SS. In some cases where a thermowell is not used, 316 SS is available for the wetted parts. Option code SS. This is not available with the heavy duty stem. Please note that a thermowell is recommended for all pressure applications

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