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General Specifications - Bimetal Dial Thermometers

group of bimetal thermometers
Sturdy, corrosion resistant series 304 stainless steel case and bezel. Designed and constructed to provide a hermetic seal which prevents crystal fogging and damage caused by moisture to the working components.
Anti parallax heavy gauge aluminum with white matte finish to reduce glare. Dished form with Celsius on lower inner plane and Fahrenheit on raised outer plane offers accurate indication of both scales.
A slotted-hex adjust­ment head offers screwdriver or wrench use to field calibrate the thermometer. This feature allows maximum accuracy at a selected area of temperature range. O-ring gasket prevents leakage and maintains weather tight seal. Note - use well agitated bath and accurate test thermometer when making any adjustment.
Optically clear, strong glass, gasketed to maintain weather tight integrity. Acrylic and Lexan cystals are available as an option but not recommended for case temperature exceeding 200°F maximum (150°F maximum for plastic/acrylic lens).
Balanced, lightweight aluminum with matte black finish.
304 SS welded at tip and case connector to prevent leakage. 1/4" diameter is standard, 3/8" is avail­able. Stem lengths to 72" are available as well as 316SS stem and connector assemblies.
For accurate temperature readings, immerse the stem a minimum of 2 inches in agitated liquid or 4 inches in moving air or gas.
Temporary over or under range of 50% of scale up to 500°F or 260°C will not affect the instrument's accuracy.
An extremely responsive temperature sensing helix which has been carefully sized and tested, heat treated and aged to relieve inherent stresses and insure continued accuracy.
Guaranteed to be accurate to within 1% of full scale (Grade A per ASME B40.3). Calibration is to standards traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology.
Hermetically sealed per ASME B40.3. Guaranteed not to fog up.
Bimetal element is coated with viscous silicone to minimize pointer oscillation and to improve temperature transmission for ranges from -20° to 400°F.
It is not recommended that filled instruments be used for continual use at operating temperatures above of 400°F(204°C) or below -100° F(-70° C}. Under no circumstances will an instrument warranty apply nor will the manufacturer assume any liability for use above these temperatures

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