RT-1003-D1, E1, and F1 and RT1003-P thru U Series

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No Temperature Indicator


Integral Temperature Indicator


Remote Temperature Indicator

The RT-1003 Series

The RT-1003 series is a versatile design (the workhorse of the line) suitable for most SATR applications. It has more power and greater sensitivity than the RT-1001-Bl series but less than the RT-1004-A1 series. It offers integral or remote temperature indication whereas the other two series are cataloged as non-indicating. Related designs are the RT-1009- A1, B1, C1 for manual positioning in addition to automatic control; and RT-1011-BI for corrosive atmosphere service

Without need for external power, Robertshaw Self-Actuated Temperature Regulators (SATR) offer final control of the temperature of a liquid, an air space or flow, or gas flow for domestic, equipment, process, space, etc. on heating or cooling service.

The SATR sensing bulb is installed in the medium being controlled while the SATR valve is located on the supply line of the medium used as the heating (steam, hot water) or cooling (water, ethylene glycol, brine) agent. The SATR regulates the heating or cooling medium flow to maintain the desired temperature at the sensing bulb location. Robertshaw SATR are usually cataloged to detail the two-way direct acting (close on temperature rise) type valves for heating service. Two-way reverse-acting (open on temperature rise) and three-way valves are equally available for cooling service.

The Robertshaw SATR series offers a selection of: Throttling bands, Temperature Indication, Fail-safe to prevent overheating, Manual Positioning in addition to automatic control, Corrosive atmosphere resistant type, Small overall size and instantaneous beat exchanger service.

Most cataloged Robertshaw SATR specifications are starting points from which many alternates to cataloged capillary, sensing bulb, separable well and valve may be FURNISHED TO MEET YOUR SPECIFIC application's needs.

The RT-1003-P thru U models have a limited number of standard options for easy ordering and quicker delivery


  1. Two-ply, seamless Robertshaw bellows used for long life
  2. Over-temperature protection is standard feature
  3. Chevron "Lifetime" stem packing made of Teflon* or EPT Rubber U-Cup for water service
  4. Quick-detach valve stem construction permits easy valve change
  5. Sturdy construction with cast iron frame
  6. Variety of sensing bulb forms and materials available
  7. Valves in wide range of sizes, action, styles, materials, etc. for many services
  8. All components manufactured by a single source

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