Mensor Facility

San Marcos, Texas

 Mensor, now a part of WIKA Alexander Wiegand SE & Co. KG, specializes in providing quality pressure products and services to a wide variety of industries around the world and supplies many of the electronic calibration products for Wika Instrument, LP located in Lawrenceville GA USA

Mensor and Wika Portable & Hand Held Calibrators

The manufacturing of the precision pressure gauges and calibrators has been relocated from Germany and are now being done in the U.S. by WIKA Instrument Corporation. They are certified to NIST Standards before shipment. The Certificate of Calibration is included at no additional cost. The 65-120 (Wally Box) is made by Wika and the 65-2000 has been replaced by the CPH7600 and is made by Mensor.

Since its founding in 1969, Mensor has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest high accuracy pressure measuring and calibration and controlling instruments and test systems available. Through the years, Mensor has developed an international reputation for quality products and service in the precision pressure instrumentation market.

Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator Model 65-120 - Wally Box

Model 65-120
Wika, Wallace & Tiernan Portable Pressure Calibrator 65-120
0.066% of span
Dual scale calibrated -100 to 850 inH2O and -3.6 to 30.6 psi
Range and Calibration:
On the dial, the outer scale reads -100 to 0 to 850 inH2O of water with graduations every 1.0 inH2O; inner scale reads -3.6 to 0 30.6 psi with graduations every 0.05 psi.
0.03% of span
0.01 of span
0.1% of span
Temperature Effect:
Maximum is 0.1% of full scale per 10°C change from 23°C

Ask about our Factory Calibrated  Units at $2,750.00
Units have been checked out at the Wika factory and have current calibration certificate traceable to NIST. Quantities are limited. Case and Panels may show cosmetic damage in older style case.

Also searched as: 65120000, 65120


Digital Electro-Pneumatic Pressure Calibrator  Pump Model: CPH 7600

Model CPH 7600
0.025 % of reading ±0.01 % FS
Temperature Compensation:
15 … 35 °C
Response Time:
Less than 1 sec for 90% of measuring range
Pressure Units Selectable
mbar, bar, kPa, MPa, kg/cm2,mmHg, PSI, IN.H20[20], mmH2O[0], IN. Hg +
Generation of Reference Pressure:
External pressure supply and internal precision pressure controller (max 20 bar) or pump (max. 7 bar).
Media Compatibility:
clean, dry, non-corrosive gases, compatible with silicon, Pyrex, RTV, gold, ceramic, nickel and aluminium
Modes of Operation:
Gauge, Differential, Vacuum
Measuring Range:
0.8 to +20 bar (approx -11.6 to 290 psi)
Power Supply:
In: 16 VDC, NiMH rechargeable battery Out: 24 VDC Loop Power
Operating Temperature:
-10 … +50 °C
Storage Temperature:
-20 … +60 °C
15.25 X 12 X 7" HWD/16 lbs (387.4x304.8x117.8mm; 7kg)
Pressure Connection:
1/8" NPT (internal thread)


Portable Process Calibrator - Wika-Mensor CPH6000

Wika Mensore Portable Pressure Calibrator CPH6000


  • Accuracy: 0.025 % (incl. calibration certificate)
  • Measuring ranges:from 0 ...250 mbar to 0 ... 6.000 bar
  • Digital instrument with easily interchangeable reference pressure sensors (sensor can also be attached externally)
  • Calibration and pressure switch test functions


For a solution that always matches the application, there are many pressure sensors to choose from, with accuracies of up to 0.025 % and measuring ranges up to 6,000 bar, which can be interchanged quickly and without tools. In addition to being fixed to the instrument, the pressure sensor can, optionally, be used externally via an approx. 1 m long connecting cable. If the pressure sensor on the instrument is changed, then the digital instrument will recognize the new measuring range and thus saves the operator from having to configure it via the menu


In the Setup menu there are 3 operating modes to choose from: MEASURING / CALIBRATION / PRESSURE SWITCH TEST. n the CALIBRATION & PRESSURE SWITCH TEST modes a menu assistant supports the user during each operation and records, for example, the calibration data from several calibrations or automatically evaluates the switch hysteresis. To power the test item and to read their measurement signals there are electrical inputs and outputs, which are protected from adverse conditions in the field by captive protective caps.


Digital Portable Process Calibrator with Pump- Wika-Mensor CPH6600

Wika Mensor  Hand Held  Pressure Calibrator CPH6600


Integrated Pump
Measure and generate pressure with integrated pump, from -0.8 ... +20 bar
0.025 % (incl. calibration certificate)
Transmitter Power
Generation/measurement of 4 ... 20 mA, and 24 V supply voltage to power transmitters
Accurate temperature measurement
with Pt100 resistance thermometer
Robust and compact design


With the model CPH6600 hand-held pressure calibrator, WIKA introduces a revolution in pressure calibration technology for the process industries. With this new instrument, the technician has access to a small, lightweight calibrator which can generate pressures of up to 10 bar through an integrated, high-performance electrical pump. With the hand pump, up to 20 bar is possible.

The CPH6600 is only slightly larger than the model CPH6400 precision hand-held pressure indicator and weighs less than 1 kg. The housing is shaped and balanced so that it fits neatly in the operator's hand.

The pump is not the only key feature. The CPH6600 has a measurement uncertainty of ± 0.025 % FS for the built-in, isolated pressure sensor. The temperature compensation of the built-in sensor safeguards the measurement uncertainty for applications in the field.

A connection for an external pressure module supports all WIKA pressure modules and thus enables larger measuring ranges.

In addition, in combination with an external temperature sensor, simultaneous temperature measurement is also possible with the CPH6600.

Additional functions, such as pressure switch tests and the display of the test items deviation in percent, increase the user-friendliness of the CPH6600.


Precison Hand Held Indicator- Wika-Mensor CPH6400

Wika Mensor  Hand Held  Pressure Calibrator CPH6400


- Digital indicator with easily interchangeable pressure sensors (plug and play)
- Measuring ranges from 0 ... 400 mbar up to 0 ... 6,000 bar (vacuum and absolute pressure ranges also available)
- Accuracy: 0.025 % (incl. calibration certificate)
- Simultaneous pressure and temperature measurement with external Pt100 resistance thermometer
- Min, max, pressure rate and data logger function.


A wide variety of pressure sensors, offering various measuring ranges of up to 6,000 bar, are available to the operator, always ensuring a solution matched to the application. The individual sensors can be exchanged quickly and without tools (plug and play) and are automatically recognized by the digital indicator. Also, as an option, very accurate temperature measurement with a Pt100 resistance thermometer is possible. In addition, this instrument features a large, easily-read display with backlighting (on/off selectable), a durable housing and simple, clear operation.

In addition to mobile and high-precision pressure and temperature measurement, the CPH6400 also opens up other helpful applications e.g. recording of pressure and temperature curves (via the logging function), leak testing (via the pressure rate function) and peak value determination (via the Min/Max function). These useful functions can be easily activated or deactivated by pressing the respective keys.


Precison Hand Held Indicator- Wika-Mensor CPH6200

Digital instrument with external transmitter
Pressure ranges: from 0 ...100 mbar up to 0 ... 1,000 bar
Certified accuracy:
0.2 % (incl. calibration certificate)
Data Logger evaluation software
GSoft, Calibration software EasyCal and fully cased service sets (incl. pumps) available.


Both gauge and absolute pressure ranges can be measured, and by using the 2-channel version CPH 6200-S2 with two connected pressure transmitters it is also possible to measure differential pressure. Via a menu selection, pressures can be displayed in bar, mbar, PSI, kPa, Mpa or mmHG. An integrated data logger and various other functions (like MIN, MAX, HOLD, TARE, Offset--correction, ALARM, POWEROFF, 3 SAMPLE RATES, SEA LEVEL etc.) ensure that the instrument can be used for many different applications.

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Precison Hand Held Indicator- Mensor DPG2300

Mensor  Hand Held  Pressure Calibrator DPG2300


  • Accuracy: 0.015% of Full Scale
  • Dual Sensor
  • Optional Loop Powered milliamp measurement
  • RS-232 Communications


The DPG 2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge is used in diverse applications from rugged field calibration of pressure transmitters used in gas transmission, to testing and calibration of transducers in clean rooms and nuclear power plants. Wherever there is a need for a high level of accuracy in a handheld pressure calibration device


Mensor DPG 2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge has one of the best uncertainty specifications of any portable pressure calibration instrument. With an uncertainty of 0.015% FS, technicians are able to achieve the test uncertainty ratios required for modern transmitters. Temperature compensation from 0 to 50

The DPG 2300 Portable Digital Pressure Gauge can have one or two independent precision pressure sensors which can be displayed simultaneously. Channel A can be ordered with full scale ranges up to 6000 psi. Channel B can be ordered with ranges from 3 to 1000 psig or 7.5 to 1000 psia.