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Mensor High Precision and Calibration Products

Since its founding in 1969, Mensor has been dedicated to the design and manufacture of the finest high accuracy pressure measuring and calibration and controlling instruments and test systems available. Through the years, Mensor has developed an international reputation for quality products and service in the precision pressure instrumentation market.

Mensor is located in San Marcos, Texas, between Austin and San Antonio in central Texas. The 26,000 sq. ft. facility includes all manufacturing, engineering, accounting and sales departments.

A continuous investment in R&D keeps Mensor's products on the leading edge in precision instruments and automatic pressure test and calibration equipment. We are constantly improving our manufacturing methods and processes to assure the highest quality products and service available.

Mensor Product Index

Digital Pressure Indicators
and Gauges

cpg1500 Precison Digital Pressure Gauge
  • CPG1500 Pressure Gauge
  • CPG2400 Digital Indicator
  • CPG2500 Precision Pressure Indicator

Model CPG2400
Portable Digital Indicator

Mensor Model DPG2400 Portable Digital Pressure Indicator
  • Low Cost
  • Portable Digital Pressure Indicator
  • Ranges 0.36 to 6000psig
  • Accuracy: 0.03% FS

CPC 2000 Low Pressure
Controller and Calibrator

CPC 2000 Low Pressure Controller and Calibrator
  • Pressure ranges: 1 ... 1,000 mbar
  • Accuracy: to 0.1 % FS
  • Reproducibility: ±0.5% F.S

Pressure Controllers
and Calibrators

Pressure Controllers and Calibrators
  • CPC4000
  • CPC2000
  • CPC3000

Precision Barometers

Pressure Controllers and Calibrators
  • CPG2300
  • CPG2400
  • CPG2500

Dead Weight Testors

Pressure Controllers and Calibrators
  • CPP1200-X
  • CPB3800
  • CPB5000
  • CPB5800
  • CPB5000HP

Pressure Pumps

Pressure Pumps
  • CPP7-H [-12 to 100psi]
  • CPP30 [-14.7 to 100psi]
  • CPP700-H [10,000psi]
  • CPP1000-H [14,500psi]

Portable Pressure Calibrators

Portable Pressure Calibrators
  • CPH7650
  • CPH7600
  • CPH7000
  • CPG2300
  • CPH6000

Electrical and
Loop Calibrators

Electrical and  Loop Calibrators
  • CEP1000
  • CEP3000
  • CEP6000
  • CEP6100

Dry Well Calibrators

Dry Well Calibrators
  • CTD9100

Calibration Baths

Calibration Baths
  • CTB9100

Precision Temperature

Calibration Baths
  • CTR 3000

Mensor Facility

Image of Mensor Facilities
San Marcos, Texas