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Mensor Pressure Controllers and Calibrators

Why Choose a Mensor Pressure Controller or Calibrator?

Mensor precision pressure calibrators provide an automated and accurate way to measure and control pressure. These calibrators are sometimes referred to as precision pressure controllers.  The pressure output from a Mensor calibrator is usually connected to a lower accuracy pressure device. This "device under test" (DUT) is then tested or calibrated to verify it's pressure reading accuracy. The DUT can then be adjusted to agree with the more accurate Mensor calibrator. 

Mensor Specializes in precise and accurate pressure devices.  Precision and accuracy in the pressure calibration industry are associated with devices that are used as pressure standards.  Pressure standards provide a pressure reference that is traceable to the National Institute of Standards and Technology. 

Mensor Precision Pressure Calibrators are used in pressure calibration labs or in production environments where automation and efficiency is needed.  Mensor Precision Pressure Calibrators make pressure calibration and production testing more efficient by allowing automation of the process; this is achieved by combining pressure control and pressure measurement within a single device. Remote operation, computer automation, and data acquisition can be achieved using remote communication via IEEE-488, RS-232 or Ethernet connections.

Mensor Model CPC 4000
Industrial Pressure Controller

Pressure ranges -15 ... 3,045 psi
Control speed of 10 s
Control stability < 0.005 % FS
Accuracy down to 0.02 % IS (IntelliScale)
Specifications: CPC 4000

Mensor Model CPC 2000
Low Pressure Controller

CPC 2000
Portable Low Pressure Controller
Ranges: 1-1000mbar
Accuracy: Up to 0.1% FS
Specifications: CPC2000

Mensor Model CPC 3000
Obsolete - See CPC 4000

cpc 3000 high speed pressure controller

CPC 3000
High Speed Pressure Controller
Ranges 5-1000psig
Accuracy" -.02% FS
Specifications: CPC3000.pdf