ABB Swirl Flow Meter - the SwirlMaster Model FSS450

Swirl Flowmeter Model SwirlMaster FSS450 Intelligent Swirl Flowmeter, for volume, mass and energy flow including analog and digital outputs, internal RTD, LCD display and analog output.

ABB Swirl Flow Meter - the SwirlMaster model FSS450 Swirl flow meters can be utilized for highly accurate measurement of the flow of gases, liquids and steam over a wide range of temperatures in almost any application. Swirl meters are ideal for use on petrochemical raw materials, demineralized water and for direct, cost- effective steam mass flow by employing integral temperature measurement.

SwirlMaster FSS450 offers an integrated digital output, temperature compensations and flow computer functionality. As well as th eoptions of directly connecting external temperature transmitters, pressure transmitters or gas analyzers.

It uses a two-wire transmitter with leading edge DSP-Technology with excellent vibration compensation and enables user friendly intuitive operation directly through the glass

  • Accurate: ± 0.50% of rate
  • 0.5 to 12 inch pipe
  • Low Upstream and downstream requirements
  • Integral sensor supervision for highest process reliability
  • Display with through the glass operation with closed cover
  • integral version or remote design
  • Hot pluggable display unit with through the glass (TTG) operation
  • Optional digital output for pulse or frequency
  • Optional integral temperature compensation
swirl meter with remote display
Swirl Meter with remote display option

ABB can also provide the field services that go with together with the products to make provide a complete offering for new and existing projects