Service for ABB and Heritage Brands


As well as servicing ABB's current products, heritage brands such as Taylor, TBI, Fischer & Porter, Kent, Sensycon, Bailey, K-flow and Hartmann & Braun can also be supported.

ABB Start-Up and Commissioning Services - Optimize Performance for your New Instrumentation

ABB Start up and commissing image Whether commissioning one instrument or many, we guarantee our service work. We are here to stand by you for the long term. Products and services from ABB Instrumentation have attained ISO-9001 quality certification - evidence of our commitment to excellence.

Cost-effective service packages

We will plan and recommend a level of service tailored to meet your specific requirements. Service levels range from commissioning of single instruments and control loops to local process area turnarounds and plant-wide installations. Optimizing your plant or utility The result: proper, safe operation of your processes contributing to the high quality of your product. You save time, labor, and resources while meeting tight turnaround deadlines and we offer follow-up telephone consultation for any questions that may arise later.

Highly trained and skilled field engineers

ABB field service engineers know instrumentation inside and out. They are fully trained on all the latest technology and instrumentation products. In addition they have the following value-added skills:
  • Cross-trained in mechanics, electronics, and communications
  • Some have ISA technician certifications and boiler operating licenses.
  • Have passed OSHA10 safety training
  • Are required to complete four training courses every year

Getting the job done right

You can rely on ABB start-up and commissioning specialists to:
  • Arrive on-time and equipped with the proper tools, safety equipment, and configuration devices
  • Check for proper electrical, mechanical, and piping installation
  • Verify instrument calibration and range settings
  • Download and set up instrument configuration parameters
  • Safely energize the system to ensure proper operation, including protective devices
  • Check, tune, and troubleshoot control loops
  • Check communications and fieldbus operation
  • Explain operation and maintenance requirements to your staff
  • Provide necessary instrument, safety, and system documentation
  • Provide informal training to plant personnel

Instrumentation Repair Service - Minimize Your Cost of ownership

ABB Instrumentation and Repair

Recalibration and certification

We recalibrate and certify the repaired instrument using our global network of accredited calibration rig facilities. All calibrations are carried out in accordance with relevant international standards and original manufacturing specifications.

Fast turnarounds

Normal turnaround time is less than ten working days from receipt of shipment. But depending on the instrument, we can expedite repair and refurbishment and turn it around in as little as 24 hours. For customers with critical processes and needs, we can negotiate specific response times.

On-site repair service

Centralized coordination of field-based service specialists provides prompt on-site reactive test and repair of all ABB Instrumentation products. ABB also offers on-site maintenance and repair contracts.

Instrument Calibration Service - On Site Calibration

ABB Field service and calibration

Valve Actuators and Positioners

Actuators and positioners often require regular and routine maintenance to ensure peak operating efficiencies are maintained. The actual diagnostics and maintenance needed depends on plant age, on the type of actuator or positioner installed and the experience of plant personnel. ABB provides full service maintenance and calibration contracts for the following actuators and positioners from all manufacturers.


It is routinely necessary to check the integrity and accuracy of a flowmeter system. Flowmeters vary in complexity and application which often requires extensive training and certification. Whether it is changing pipe conditions or adhering to a regulatory or plant standard, ABB has the skill, and latest tools available to meet your demand. ABB provides full service maintenance and calibration contracts for the following flowmeters from all manufacturers.

ABB Damper Drive Solutions - Updating Bailey Damper Drives

ABB Damper Drive conversions and updating image

Re-energize Boiler Performance

Improved heat rate

Old damper actuators do not respond quickly and accurately to signals from the control system resulting in inefficient combustion. The result is poor heat-rate and undesirable emissions. Upgrading your actuators improves these and can result in immediate fuel savings.

Reduce maintenance costs

Old damper actuators result in increased repair and maintenance expenses. Upgrading them reduces maintenance and the associated costs in terms of spares, time and unplanned shutdowns.

Reduce operating costs

Upgrading damper actuators saves fuel costs by reducing process variability. ABB's pneumatic positioners also have low air consumption reducing compressor operating costs. Given the number of final control elements in the average plant, the total cost savings can reach $100,000's per year.

Analyzer Calibration Service - On Site Calibration

ABB Analyzer Calibratio and Repair ABB field service technicians have a great deal of experience in servicing analyzers. They are cross-trained in chemistry, electronics, and communications. Many have ISA technician certifications and experience in servicing boiler water and wastewater laboratories. All have taken and passed OSHA10 safety training. To keep them current, they are required to complete training courses every year. They are up to date with the latest technology and equipment to ensure your new analyzers work the way you expect