Moore I/P kit for Moore 760E Positioner

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Series 760E Valve Controller I/P Converter Installation Kit

I/P and parts i/p and parts with ruler This is the Moore (now Siemens) kit for the 760E positioner,
Order P/N 15900-378. Note that these kits now have a different I/P in them.


The temperature in the intended operating location must not exceed the specified operating temperature limits of -40°C to +85°C. It is recommended to have a copy of the Service Instructions (SD760) available for easy reference.

See section 2.5 of SD760 for general and hazardous location wiring requirements. Control Drawing 15032-7602 is recommended for hazardous installations and is available upon request.

  1. Remove sealing plate screw and sealing plate. Retain the two "O"-rings.
  2. Install the two existing "O"-rings in their seats. Install 1/P manifold, new "O"-rings, and I/P provided with the kit. Secure in place with new screw.
  3. Attach the input leads (recommend 22 AWG shielded, twisted pair wire minimum) to the + and connections of the I/P converter terminal strip. The wire should enter the controller through the conduit connection and be routed through the wire clamp (refer to Figure 1).

  4. Attach the wire clamp with its screw.
  5. Install pipe plug in input port. Install ground screw and washer. Install clamping plate with toothed lockwasher and screw


It is not necessary to calibrate the I/P transducer; however, calibration adjustments are available. The I/P transducer can be adjusted by following the procedure outlined below. The I/P accepts a 4-20 mA signal.

Verify the output of the I/P converter as follows:

  1. Connect a 0-30 psi test gauge to the 1/8 in. NPT input gauge port.
  2. Apply supply pressure to the supply connection.
  3. Apply a 4 mA input signal. Any deviation in the output signal from 3 psi can be corrected with the zero adjustment screw ( >0< ).
  4. Increase the input signal to 20 mA. Any deviation in the output signal from 15 psi can be corrected with the range potentiometer (<|-|>).
  5. If necessary, perform the valve controller zero and span functions as described in Section 4.0 (Calibration) of SD760.
i/p converter for Moore positioners

Download PDF of I/P Converter Kit and Diagram