ABB Type 22/06-65 DIN Rail Mounted Current to Pneumatic Converters

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top left side label right side view bottom The images shown here are just one version of the Type 22/06-65 series I/P, these were orignally made by Sensycon which is now part of ABB.

Please note that the Type 22/06-65 alone is not definitive since these are often found in OEM products, such and the ABB replacement I/P for the Moore 760E positioner. and the ABB AV2 Electopneumatic Positioner

Other search terms: 22/06-65, 22 06 65, TEIP11-PS

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Category Code Description
Type or Model V18311H- TEIP11-PS - this unit has an internal volume booster to drive valves, etc. directly
Explosion protection 6 FM/CSA "intrinsically safe" Note that IS bariers are required if this is going to be used in a Hazardous Area. These are usually installed in a general purpoae are such as a controls room.
Design 1 Control room housing IP 20 for rail mounting. This has a plastic DIN rail mounting bracket on the bottom, the unit also a 1/8 inch NPT connections and zero and span adjustment
Input Signal 2 4 - 20 ma
Output Signal 2 3 - 15 psi
Action 1 Direct
Digit 14 0 padding character
Ambient Temperature 1 -40 to 85 °C

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