Advantages of Variable Area Flow Meters (Rotameters)


Cost Effectiveness

Many are discovering that ABB rotameters provide cost-effective flow measurement for many of their applications.

  • All ABB rotameters are low cost compared to other flow measurement devices
  • In addition they have very low installation costs; no upstream/downstream straight piping requirements
  • Plus their reliability combines for an extremely low cost of ownership
  • Long life expectancy also brings low life-cycle cost


There are many ABB rotameters still operating after 30, 40 and even 50 years or more.

  • ABB rotameters are renowned for being the highest quality available
  • They last longer, with millions installed since 1937
  • Our trouble-free operation ensures years of accurate flow measurement
  • Excellent repeatability yields consistent products


ABB rotameters are still popular for many flow applications after all these years.

  • They are pre-calibrated before they leave the factory
  • Once delivered they are very easy to install
  • Maintenance is very simple due to their excellent  design
  • ABB rotameters have common parts minimizing stocking requirements


ABB rotameters are found in almost every application and industry, with millions sold over the years.

  • ABB rotameters can be used to measure a wide variety of liquids, gases & steam
  • They require no power and can be used anywhere
  • ABB rotameters are easily converted to measure different fluids & capacities
  • They are available with alarms, transmitted output and even HART communications
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