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WIKA - P/I - Pneumatic (3-15 psi) to Current (4-20) ma Signal Converters

Wika pressure transmitters for pressure to current conversion -I/P The WIKA electronic pressure transmitters, also known as the Tronic line of Pressure Transmitters are a series of compact pressure transmitters designed for long term, reliable performance in different and difficult industrial environments.  Most models feature stainless steel construction, moisture and vibration protected circuitry, and all are calibrated and tested prior to shipment. A variety of options are available on most models to meet specific needs.

We recommend using the standard 0-15psi or 0-30 psi and scaling output through an display with a re-transmitting output, or in the DCS system. However, we can request special scaling for the transmitters shown below.

List of all Wika Tronic pressure transmitters

The Wika electronic pressure measurement line includes most of the Wika's pressure transmitters can be special ordered with a 3-15 psi input signal to convert pneumatic signals into 4-20 ma. These are available for general purpose, hazardous and sanitary conditions.

Model A-10

The Wika Model A-10 is a lower cost electronic pressure transmitter designed To fit many industrial and OEM pressure measurement application...More

Model S-10

Compact, rugged design makes these transmitters suitable for hydraulics and pneumatics; pumps and systems; and liquid level measurement applications...More

Model F-20

The Wika Model F-20 electronic pressure transmitter with NEMA 4X Integral Junction Box More

Model E-10

The Wika Model E-10 explosion-proof pressure transmitter is specifically designed to meet the durability and performance requirements of oil & gas pressure monitoring applications.

Model E-11

The Wika Model E-11 electronic pressure transmitter is similar to the E-10, but features a flush diaphragm process connection.

Model IS-20 Intrinsically safe

Intrinsically safe pressure transmitter for hazardous areas, with the relevant worldwide approvals of ATEX, FM, CSA and a SIL rating. For IS Applications

Model IS-21 IS - Flush diaphragm

Similar to the  Wika Model IS-20 electronic pressure transmitter but with with non-clogging flat diaphragm and cable gland

Model N-10 Non-incentive NACE

The Wika Model N-10 electronic pressure transmitter is designed to meet the durability and performance requirements of gas compressor systems. NACE MR-01-75 compliance provides extra resistance against sulfide stress cracking when exposed to gases containing sulfur.

Model N-11 Non-incentive Flush Diaphragm NACE

The Wika Model N-11 electronic pressure transmitter feature a flat, non-clogging diaphragm. This is designed for use with viscous fluids or media containing particulates that could clog the pressure port of the standard NPT version.

Model SA-10-3A Sanitary

WIKA S-10-3A pressure transmitters are in compliance with 3A 3rd party sanitary criteria for pressure and level measurement in the food, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and beverage

Model F-20-3A Sanitary

WIKA F-20-3A pressure transmitters are in compliance with “3A” third party criteria for pressure and level measurement in all sanitary applications. The process wetted surfaces of 316L SS are electropolished to reduce cleaning time.