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The manufacturing of the precision pressure gauges and calibrators has been relocated from Germany and are now being done in the U.S. by WIKA Instrument Corporation. They are certified to NIST Standards before shipment. The Certificate of Calibration is included at no additional cost

Series 300 6" Dial High Precision Differential Pressure Gauges

Series 300 6" Dial High Precision Differential Pressure Gauges For routine test and production uses, this capsule-type gauge offers an acceptable balance among size, readability, accuracy, and price. Available in 18 standard ranges (including vacuum and compound ranges), the Series 300 is convenient to use. High differential pressure is applied to the capsule; low pressure to the case. Maximum static (case) pressure is 15 psig. A built-in overpressure relief valve protects the case.


6" dial
Scale length:
To100 psi
0.33% of full scale
0.2% of full scale
Pressure element volume:
2.5 cc for the range 0-10" water; 2.0 cc for all other ranges.
Case volume:
1890 cc, with overpressure relief valve on the case
Maximum case pressure:
15 psig
Maximum case leak rate:
Will not exceed 6.34 x 10-5 std cc/sec or 0.0018 psi/hr
Case connection:
1/8" female NPT pressure and static connections. Both have built-in stainless steel filters and are located in the bottom of the case.
Case construction:
Cast aluminum with tempered-glass dial cover. Flush mounted by three screws through the bezel.
Materials exposed to measured gas:
Pressure elements:
beryllium copper, brass, soft solder in ranges to 100" water; silver and soft solder in ranges above 100" water.
Aluminum, beryllium copper, brass, stainless steel, nylon, Hypalon, Monel, soft solder, synthetic sapphire, TFE, white paint, drawling ink, Duco lacquer. Ranges above 100" water have silver solder also.
Calibration in most metric units is available at no extra cost. Other units of calibration and two sets of graduations on the same dial are available at extra cost.


Series 300 6" Dial Differential Pressure Gauge

Range & Calibration Ordering Number Graduation
0-10" water 62C-4C-0010 0.05"
0-20" water 62C-4C-0020 0.1"
0-40" water 62C-4C-0040 0.2"
0-60" water 62C-4C-0060 0.5"
0-100" water 62C-4C-0100 0.5"
0-200" water 62C-4C-0200 1.0"
0-300" water 62C-4C-0300 2.0"
0-400" water 62C-4C-0400 2.0"
0-15 psi 62C-4A-0015 0.1 psi
0-30 psi 62C-4A-0030 0.2 psi
0-60 psi 62C-4A-0060 0.5 psi
0-100 psi 62C-4A-0100 0.5 psi

Vacuum and Compound Ranges

Range & Calibration Ordering Number* Graduation
-10" water to 0 62C-7C-0010 0.05"
-20" water to 0 62C-7C-0020 0.1"
-400" water to 0 62C-7C-0400 2.0"
-5 to 0 to 5" water 62C-6C-0010 0.05"
-10 to -10" water 62C-6C-0020 0.1"
-20 to 0 to 20" water 62C-6C-0040 0.2"
* Can be calibrated as shown, or in any other standard pressure unit at no extra cost.