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ABB UP2 Universal Pneumatic Rotary Actuators

The UP pneumatic universal rotary actuators regulate dampers, fan inlet vanes, lever-operated valves, turbine governors, fluid drives and other final control elements. These actuators accept electric or pneumatic control signals. This provides modulating or on/off control power to position devices through mechanical linkage or by direct coupling.

Types UP1 and UP2 actuators include a double-acting rotary vane power unit

Operating Torque

  • Supply: 40 psig Torque:165 ft-lb
  • Supply: 45 psig Torque:188 ft-lb
  • Supply: 50 psig Torque:212 ft-lb
  • Supply: 50 psig Torque:236 ft-lb
  • Supply: 60 psig Torque:260 ft-lb
  • Supply: 65 psig Torque:283 ft-lb
  • Supply: 70 psig Torque:307 ft-lb
  • Supply: 75 psig Torque:331 ft-lb
  • Supply: 80 psig Torque:355 ft-lb
  • Supply: 90 psig Torque:378 ft-lb
  • Supply: 95 psig Torque:426ft-lb
  • Supply: 100 psig Torque:450 ft-lb

The UP2 is available with a number of options for positioners

ABB UP2-AV1, AV2 Positioner
Input: 3-15 psi, 3-27 psi

abb up1 with AV positioner

ABB UP2-TZIDC Positioner
Input: 4-20 ma

abb UP1 with TZIDC Positioner

Input: 4-20 ma

abb up3 and up4

Input: 4-20 ma

abb up5 up6 up7