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The manufacturing of these precision pressure gauges and calibrators has been relocated from Germany and are now being made in the U.S. by WIKA Instrument Corporation. They are certified to NIST Standards before shipment. The Certificate of Calibration is included at no additional cost

Series 1000 6" Dial Absolute Pressure Gauges

Series 1000 Gauge pressure elements are capsules up to and including the 50-psia range; 100 psia and above use Bourdon tubes. In the former, pressure is applied to the case and is referenced against the evacuated capsule.  In the latter, pressure is applied to a Bourbon tube, which is referenced against an evacuated Bourdon. Available in 14 standard ranges, Series 1000 Gauges combine aneroid convenience with the accuracy of precision liquid columns. They are compact for efficient panels and consoles, yet readability is excellent.


Size: 6" dial

Scale length: 30" through two pointer revolutions

Ranges: To 500 psia

Accuracy: 0.1% of full scale

Repeatability: 0.03% of full scale

Sensitivity: 0.01% of full scale

Hysteresis: Below 100 psia, 0.15 % of full scale; 100 psia and above, 0.1% of full scale

Maximum temperature effect: Below 100 psia, 0.019% of full scale per 10C/50F change from 23C/73.4F; 100 psia and above, 0.1 % of full scale per 10C/50F change from 23C/73.4F.

Case pressure and volume: For gauges with ranges of 50 psia or below,

maximum case pressure is 35 psig, case volume is 1775 cc with overpressure relief valve built into the back of the case. For gauges with ranges of 100 psia and above, volume of pressure Bourdon system is 10 cc and case is vented to atmosphere.

Liquid service: Gauges with ranges of 100 psia and above (Bourdon tube pressure elements) can be used for non-corrosive liquid service.

Case connections: Below 100 psia, 1/8-inch female NPT; 100 psia and above, 1/4- inch female NPT. Both have a built-in stainless steel filter and are located in the bottom of the case.


Series 1000 6" Absolute Pressure Gauge

Range & Calibration Ordering Number Graduation
0-15.5 psia 61B-1A-0015 0.02 psia
0-25 psia 61B-1A-0025 0.05 psia

0-35 psia


0.05 psia

0-50 psia 61B-1A-0050 0.1 psia
0-100 psia 61B-1A-0100 0.2 psia
0-150 psia 61B-1A-0150 0.2 psia
0-200 psia 61B-1A-0200 0.5 psia
0-300 psia 61B-1A-0300 0.5 psia
0-500 psia 61B-1A-0500 1.0 psia
0-800 mm Hg 61B-1D-0800 1.0mm
0-31.5" Hg 61B-1D-0031 0.05
0-50" Hg 61B-1B-0050 0.1"
0-70" Hg 61B-1B-0070 0.1"
0-100" Hg 61B-1B-0100 0.2"

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