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Vibration Protection Systems


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 Electronic Vibration Monitor Model 563A

The Robertshaw Model 563A Vibraswitch Electronic Vibration Monitor is a microprocessor based supervisory control system designed for use with Robertshaw Model 365 or 366 Vibraswitch Vibration Switch. It may be used with one to eight Vibraswitches and has been programmed to provide a means of differentiating between valid excessive vibration and excessive vibration resulting from temporary external disturbances.

Many machines, during their normal operation, will suffer occasional short-duration transient shocks, which are external to the monitored machine. Examples of these disturbances are: Closing of pipeline check valves on pumping applications; Start-up of additional pumps on a line; nearby machinery operating - such as hydraulic presses, etc.. These disturbances may cause a Vibraswitch to "trip out" if the vibratory level is in excess of its set-point. The Model 563A provides field settable Monitor Time Delay circuitry that eliminates equipment shutdown because of these transients and ensures that only a continuous vibration level which exceeds the set-point of the Vibraswitch will initiate an alarm and/or shutdown. This Monitor Time Delay is adjustable, using digital rotary switches, over a range of 0 to 99 seconds.

Nearly all rotating machinery, during its "start-up" operation, will go through an excessive vibration point which is inherent to the machine. This vibration level sometimes is higher than the alarm/shutdown level desired for safe protection. The Model 563A contains circuitry which provides a Starting Time Delay to disable the Vibraswitches for a period of time to allow the machine to reach its normal operating speed or condition. After this delay period, the Model 563A activates the Vibraswitches to provide the necessary vibration protection. The Start Time Delay is adjustable over a range of 0 to 999 seconds by means of digital rotary switches.

Eight LED indicators, viewable through the window on the instrument door, are provided for visual indication to determine which Vibraswitch detected the excessive vibration and triggered the alarm and/or shutdown.

Features & Benefits

• Microprocessor Based- Provides greatest reliability and most accurate operation.

• Multiple Vibraswitch Sensors- Monitors from 1 to 8 Vibraswitches.

• AC or DC Supply Power

• NEMA 4 and Explosion-Proof Enclosures Available

• Field Selectable Timing Periods


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