Please note that WALLACE & TIERNAN is now a trademark of Evoqua Water Technologies LLC, and the products offered here are no longer manufactured under the WALLACE & TIERNAN name.

The manufacturing of the Wallace & Tiernan precision pressure gauges and calibrators is being done in the U.S. by WIKA Instrument Corporation. They are certified to NIST Standards before shipment. The Certificate of Calibration is included at no additional cost

Precision Aneroid Barometers Models FA-112, FA-160

Wika is currently not offering any barometers, the absolute mechanical pressure gauges are still available and Wika Mensor Precision Digital Barometers may be an option.

DPG2400 Portable Digital Barometer

  • Ranges  8 to 17 psia
  • Accuracy: 0.03% FS

DPG2300 Portable Digital Barometer

Mensor DPG2300 Portable Digital Barometer
  • Ranges: 8 to 17 psia
  • Accuracy: Up to 0.015% FS

CPT6010 Barometer

Mensor CPT6010 barometer with RS-232 or RS-486
  • 8-17 psia (-560to 1170 mbar)
  • Accuracy: 0.020% of reading
  • Interfaces:RS-232 or RS-485

Please note that Wika is no longer making the analog barometers, and the ones shown here are for reference only. You may be able to use an absolute pressure gauge shown here

The Wallace & Tiernan barometer is a precision aneroid instrument. It gives mercury-column accuracy as well durability and high sensitivity.

Because its primary element is an evacuated capsule, the W&T Barometer is more sensitive to pressure changes that a mercurial instrument: There is no large mass of mercury to resist movement. Scale length is approximately five times that of a mercury instrument of comparable range.

FA-139 and FA-185 are no longer available

Model FA-112

image of model FA-112
  • 6 inch diameter dial
  • 35 inch scale
  • Standard units are in inHg
  • Calibration in other units is available
  • FA-112160 - 13 to 30.5 in Hg
  • FA-112150 - 22 TO 31.5 in Hg
  • FA-112170 - 19 TO 32 in Hg Hg

Model FA-160

image of fA-160 (FA160) baromter
  • 6 in diameter dial
  • 16 in scale length
  • FA-160186 - 660 to 800 mm Hg
  • FA-160426 - 26 to 31.5 in Hg



The dial of each W&T Barometer is individually calibrated over its complete range.
Custom dial calibration, precision mechanism construction, and match dials and mechanisms give accuracies to 0.1% and sensitivities to 0.01% of full scale


Although sensitive, W&T Barometer mechanisms are not fragile; they resist damage during on-the-job handling.


W&T Barometers have scales from 16 to 35 inches long. Long scales mean many graduations can be used to cover the full range. In the highest range (13 to 30.5 in. Hg), the minimum graduation represent 0.02 in. Hg. With the knife-edge pointer, this allows readings to better than 0.02% of full scale. A mirror ring eliminated parallax errors


A small sensitive capsule responds to minute pressure changes. The almost frictionless linkage contains flexures and jewel bearings and is not lubricated. Low inertia parts throughout gives W&T Barometers fast response speed and high sensitivity