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The manufacturing of these precision pressure gauges and calibrators has been relocated from Germany and are now being made in the U.S. by WIKA Instrument Corporation. They are certified to NIST Standards before shipment. The Certificate of Calibration is included at no additional cost

Series 1500 8" Dial High Precision Gauge Pressure Indicators

Series 1500 Gauges have capsule-type pressure elements up to and including the 150-psig range. Ranges of 200 psig and above have Bourdon tubes. The pressure to be measured is applied to the capsule or Bourdon tube through a single connection in the case. The case has a tempered-glass dial cover, solid-front dial, and a blow-out plug on the back. Readings are referenced to atmospheric pressure in the case.

Available in 26 standard ranges (including vacuum and compound ranges), Series 1500 Gauges combine precision-liquid-column accuracy with aneroid convenience. They make excellent secondary standards and are rugged enough to maintain accuracy in many test and process applications.


Accuracy: 0.066% of full scale

Range: to 1000 psig

Repeatability: 0.03% of full scale

Sensitivity: 0.01% of full scale

Hysteresis: 0.1% of full scale for ranges of 150 psi and below; 0.2% of full scale for 200 psi and above

Maximum temperature effect: 0.1% of full scale per 10C/50F change from 23C/73.4F

Scale length: Approx. 45" through 2 pointer revolutions.

Dial diameter: 8 "

Pressure element volume: Ranges 150 psi and below: 6.9 cc with pointer at zero; 8.6 cc, at full scale. Ranges 200 psi and above: 10 cc. For the range 0-125” water only: 6.3 cc with pointer at zero; 8.0 cc, at full scale

Liquid service: Gauges with ranges of 200, 300, and 500 psi (Bourdon tubes) can be calibrated for liquid service as optional. The 0-1000 psi range is calibrated for liquid service only.

Case pressure: Cases are open to atmosphere.

Bleed tube: Ranges of 200, 300, and 500 psi (Bourdon tubes), when calibrated for liquid service, have bleed tubes to facilitate filling and flushing. On the 1000 psi range a bleed tube is standard.

Case connections: 150 psi and below, 1/8" female NPT; 200 psi and above, " female NPT. Both have a builtin stainless steel filter and are located in the bottom of the case.

Case construction: Anodized aluminum with tempered-glass dial cover; flush mounted by three screws through the bezel.

Zero adjustment: The zero-adjusting screw is accessible through both the front and the back of the case.


Series 1500 8" Gauge Pressure Indicator

Range & Calibration Ordering Number Graduation
0-4.5 psi 62A-2A-0005 0.005 psi
0-10 psi 62A-2A-0010 0.01 psi

0-15.5 psi


0.02 psi

0-20 psi 62A-2A-0020 0.02 psi
0-30 psi 62A-2A-0030 0.05 psi
0-45 psi 62A-2A-0045 0.05 psi
0-60 psi 62A-2A-0060 0.1 psi
0-100 psi 62A-2A-0100 0.1 psi
0-150 psi 62A-2A-0150 0.2 psi
0-200 psi 62A-2A-0200 0.2 psi
0-300 psi 62A-2A-0300 0.5 psi
0-500 psi 62A-2A-0500 0.5 psi
0-1000*psi 62A-2A-1000 1.0 psi
0-125" water 62A-2C-0125 0.2"
0-280" water 62A-2C-0280 0.5"
0-800 mm Hg 62A-2D-0800 1.0 mm
0-31.5 mm Hg 62A-2B-0031 0.05"
0-60" Hg 62A-2B-0060 0.1"
0-120" Hg 62A-2B-0120 0.2"
0-200" Hg 62A-2B-0200 0.2"
0-300" Hg 62A-2B-0300 0.5"
*This range calibrated for liquid service only, but an additional error of 1-1500 is possible when used to measure gas pressure.
Vacuum and Compound Ranges
Range & Calibration Ordering Number Graduation
-30" Hg to 0 62A-3B-0030** 0.05"
-15 to 0 to 15" Hg 62A-5B-0030** 0.05"
-30 to 0 to 30" Hg 62A-5B-0060** 0.1"
-30 to 0 to 90" Hg 62A-5B-0120** 0.2"
-30 to 0 to 270" Hg 62A-5B-0300** 0.5"
** Can be calibrated as shown, or in any other standard pressure unit at no extra cost. Specify if other than in Hg.

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