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Cryogenic Solenoid Valves
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Model SV91

Cryogenic Valve

2-way, Normally Closed, Floating Seal Design

The SV91 is a large orifice, gate valve designed for the stringent requirements of hi-flow liquid nitrogen (LN2) applications.

Cryogenic valves typically deliver liquid cryogens from a dewar to a closed chamber. Often, large orifice valves are used to transfer replenishment volumes of LN2 from larger to smaller vessels.



Model: SV95/SV955

Cryogenic Valve

2-Way, Normally Closed Solenoid



The SV95/955 Series offers distinct and unique advantages when used in harsh cryogenic fluid control applications. The Series has been designed to be quieter, last longer, and to operate more reliably than conventional solenoid valves employed in cryogenic service.


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