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VC-210B Series (Brass)


• Full Ported or Low Flow Designs

• Direct- and Reverse-Acting Valve Styles

• Molded Diaphragms

• "Packless" Stem Seal

• Two-Way and Three-Way Valves

Model VC-210B Diaphragm Control Valves are compact, ruggedly constructed and especially designed for the control of water, steam, gas, vacuum, etc.  Valves are single seated, bellows sealed to prevent stem leakage, and may be selected to have the valve action, seating materials and flow characteristics needed for most control applications.

The pneumatic actuator consists of a molded 10 sq. in. EPDM diaphragm enclosed in a die-cast aluminum housing and frame. The readily accessible spring adjusting nut provides easy field adjustment of the starting point within the selected spring range. Synthane gaskets located between the valve bonnet and the actuator frame reduce heat transfer to the diaphragm.



Nominal Size:  10 sq. in.

Action: Direct acting  Increasing air pressure moves stem downward.

Nominal Travel:  3/8" (9.6 mm)

Maximum Air Pressure:  30 psi (2.0 bar)

Maximum Ambient Temperature: 180F. (82C.)

Air Connection:  1/8" NPT, female

Materials of Construction:

Diaphragm  Molded EPDM

Housing & Frame  Die cast aluminum, irridite finished for corrosion resistance, painted bronzeless gold.

Spring  Zinc plated alloy steel



Direct (Provides air-to-close action with actuator)

Reverse (Provides air-to-open action with actuator)

3-way (Top port normally closed)

Valve Body Assembly Ratings: 100 psi at 350F. (6.9 bar at 177 C.)

End Connections:  Female NPT inlet and outlet.

Seal Ring:  316 Stainless Steel, replaceable in 2-way body. Integral brass seats in 3-way body.

Materials of Construction:

Body  Brass

Trim  316 Stainless Steel in 2-way valves. Brass in 3-way valves.

Primary Packing  Nickel plated beryllium copper bellows.

Secondary Packing  Buna-N "O" ring.

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