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Siemens, formally wallace & tiernan Flow Meters ( Rotameters )


Siemens line of formally wallace & tiernan 's flowmeters - purge meters, rotameters and varea-meters

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At his time, we do not yet know how the July 31, 2012 announcement will affect our ability to supply formally wallace & tiernan Products, However we will continue to supply W&T products from our stock and other distributors.

For those products that we cannot  supply and those that were discontinued in January 2010 we offer similar flow meters and we work with you to find a suitable replacement. Click below for replacement meters


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News: July 31, 2012 - Underground Solutions Purchases Chemical Feed and Liquid Feed Product Lines from Siemens

Link to Press Press Release

As previously communicated, the Water Technologies business unit has made the strategic decision to exit the Varea-Meter® products business.

January, 2010 Varea-Meter® Product Line Update - Products to be discontinued:

As of 3/31/2010 we will not be able to accept orders for the following products:
a. Arma-View® I
b. Direct View
c. By-Pass Type Varea-Meter (Metal & Glass tube)
d. TFE-Lined and PVC-Tube Varea-Meter
e. 6” Low Flow Varea-Meter


formally wallace & tiernan Purge & Low Flow Meters (Rotameters)
Wallace & Teirnan Glass Tube Purge Meters Wallace & Tiernan Kynar Frame Glass Tube Purge Meters Wallace & Tiernan 2% Low Flow Meter Wallace & Tiernan Arma-View Purge Meter Wallace * Tiernan Arma-View II Purge Meter Wallace & Tiernan Armored Purge Meter

Stainless Steel
Glass-Tube Purge Meters (Rotameters)

Kynar-Frame Glass-Tube Purge Meters (Rotameters) Low-Flow Meter (Rotameter) Arma-View® Purge Meter (Rotameter)  Arma-View® II Purge Meter (Rotameter)

 Purge Meter (Rotameter)

Varea-Meters (Rotameters)
Wallace & Tiernan Glass Tube Rotameter Wallace & Tiernan Metal Tube Rotameter Wallace & Teirnan TFE Lined Rotameter Wallace & Tiernan PVC Rotameter Wallace & Tiernan Glass Tube By-Pass Rotameter Wallace & Tiernan Metal Tube By-Pass Rotameter

Glass Tube Rotameters

Metal-Tube Rotameters

TFE Lined

PVC Rotameters

Glass-Tube Bypass Vareameters

Metal-Tube Bypass Vareametera

Other Flowmeter & Rotameters
Wallace & Tiernan Direct View Flowmeters Wallace Tiernan Armored Flow Meter Wallace & Tiernan Electronic Flow Transmitter Wallace & Tiernan Flow Switches Wallace & Tiernan Flow Controllers

Direct-View Rotameters

Armored Rotameter 4-20 mA  Electronic Transmitter 5600 and 5500 Flow Switches 5700 and 5800 Flow Controllers


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