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Summing Units

Model 308A and 306 summing units provide a multi-cell interface for load cell signal conditioning instrumentation. Versions available are capable of analog summing up to 8 individual transducer signals. A wide range of enclosure options are available for wash-down, corrosive, and electrical hazard applications.
Operationally, these units perform the multiple tasks of distributing excitation current, summing transducer output signals, and protecting wiring and connections. A unique circuit design in the 308A unit minimizes the effects of system unbalance and electrical leakage. This added protection is beneficial when equipment is located in a harsh, corrosive atmosphere. Model 306 units are compatible with Plug-n-Weigh instrument calibration procedures for faster system start-up.
304 extension boxes are used whenever transducer cables are not long enough to reach the summing unit or system instrumentation. The internal terminal block or connection provides for either a four wire or six wire (remote sensing) hook-up. A range of metalic enclosures are available for wash-down, corrosive, and electrical hazard applications.

BLH offers a range of system cables for connection between the summing unit, junction box, and system instrumentation. These custom cables are designed for use over long distances without signal losses, temperature effects, undue EMI/RFI, or environmental deterioration.


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